Car Dealer Balloons - Special Events


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Car dealer balloons for special events come with stock printed messages and smiley faces.  These unique auto dealer balloons are great for using as additional promo items in the showroom or outdoors for short term use.  Balloons for car  lots and dealerships create a festive atmosphere for advertising the special events and sales that your dealership has throughout the year.  These balloons are made from quality latex material that is more high strength than traditional party type balloons along with having easy to tie long necks. 

  • 4 Different Styles Available
  • 17" Diameter Balloon - Printed on both sides 
  • High Quality Latex Material 
  • Packaged 50 balloons per bag

NOTE:  Due to the "special event" nature that balloons are used for, they are not returnable after the date they are delivered.

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