License Plate Inserts - 2 Color - 15 mil


SKU: PI-15-2C-125

Polyethylene license plate inserts can be designed in numerous ways with this specific item being the two-color version in 15 mil thickness.  The 15 mil license plate inserts are a good solution for budget conscious businesses in warmer weather climates as these are not recommended for extended use in climates where the temperatures can be several days in a row or longer below 32 degrees.  A number of dealerships use this 15 mil version as temporary license plate tags for their customers that will be waiting for new permanent plates to arrive.

  • 125 Inserts:   $1.64 each (2 Color
  • 250 Inserts:   $1.26 each (2 Color)
  • 500 Inserts:   $0.89 cents (2 Color)
  • 1000 Inserts: $0.65 cents each (2 Color)

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