About Us At US Auto Supplies

US Auto Supplies is a national supplier of automotive dealer and service repair center day to day products and custom dealer branded items.  NOTE:  Numerous items on the website pertain to wants and needs of individuals and other businesses outside of the car dealer world, and as such are purchase-able by anyone who might need them.

US Auto Supplies main office is located in South Carolina.  Our business is associated with several manufacturers that specialize in custom plate frames, trunk decals, polyethylene plate inserts, custom service reminder labels and a number of different dealer name and information imprinted forms.  All stock items are shipped from different warehouse facilities that generally can have products delivered to your location in 2-3 work days. 

NOTE:  US Auto Supplies does not ship internationally at this time.  Please check back in 2023 for possible international destination ship options.

US Auto Supplies brings a wealth of industry and product knowledge to the auto dealer supplies customer group and through a multitude of great back-end manufacturer and distribution facility relationships, bring to the customer side a high level commitment to personalized service and product delivery.

US Auto Supplies is owned by Jeff Williamson, the long time Operations Manager of the auto dealer online supplies retailer, Dodson Group.  After 8 years and the sale of that division of Dodson Group, he made the move forward and started his own company, US Auto Supplies. All those years of building the great "back end" relationships paid off as US Auto Supplies works hand in hand with those numerous manufacturers and distribution facilities to help bring the service and quality, customers want and need for the products they order and need delivered.

The goal each day is to truly "drive the internet with a personal touch".  It's harder and harder with each day, month & year that passes, to find businesses committed to the customer service aspect of business to business and business to customer relationships. At US Auto Supplies we approach each business day with the goal in mind to provide as much individualized service and personal attention as we possibly can, on a national level. 

Thanks very much for visiting with us today at US Auto Supplies!