27 Point Inspection Checklist


SKU: 7297

27 point inspection checklist sheets help the service mechanic make sure that all important aspects of the customer vehicle are taken a look at and logged for repairs that will be needed.  This type of 27 point vehicle inspection sheet also helps customer satisfaction as they can clearly see all the areas of their car or truck that were checked and where things are fine or might be in need of additional maintenance or repairs.  A 27 point vehicle inspection form also makes sure your mechanics check all the important areas of customer vehicles by giving them check off boxes for each area inspected.

  • Packaged 100 per pack
  • Form size is 8-1/2" wide x 11" tall
  • 2-part edge glue style form that is carbonless
  • Paper parts are white, canary
  • Pre-printed information is in blue ink

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