Auto Detailing Paper Floor Mats - Fully Coated


SKU: 1260

Auto detailing paper floor mats are coated on both the front and back sides and provide a complete water, ice and grease repelling surface for your customer vehicles. The poly-coating on these paper car mats also adds strength and durability to the car care process.  Auto mechanics and car lot staff climbing in and out of the vehicles multiple times will also find that these fully coated car paper floor mats, protect the carpet and floor areas from both grease and wet conditions faced every day. 

  • Packaged 500 per box
  • Mat size: 17" x 22"
  • Mats are made from heavy duty 100# paper stock
  • Coated on both the front and back sides for the highest levels of protection from water and grease
  • Pre-printed in red & black inks 

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