Automotive Paper Floor Mats (Coated Back)


SKU: 123

Automotive paper floor mats with coated back sides are an important service item in repair shops and car dealerships dealing with consistent snow, ice or heavier grease environments.  The poly-coating adds quite a bit of strength and durability to the paper floor mat material. 

Service mechanics often prefer these coated car paper floor mats when longer term service repairs require them to climb in and out of customer vehicles over several hours or even multiple days. Additionally, car lot sales personnel will find that the coated back side protects the carpets really well from the many test drives the vehicles for sale need to go on.

Car detailing paper floor mats are also a great way to show your customers that you took the time to care bout their vehicle while in your possession.

  • Packaged 500 per box
  • Mat size: 17" x 22"
  • Coated on back side for better protection
  • Printed in blue ink 

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