Ground Pennants (6 pack)


SKU: 4792-05

In-Ground Triangle Pennants with brilliant colors in either fluorescent mix, red, white, blue OR metallic fringe red, silver, blue. Panels are secured by attaching to a 1/4" x 6' fiberglass pole, giving the pennants the flexibility to move at the slightest breeze, yet durable as an in-ground display.

  • Pole stands 6 feet tall
  • Made from a durable plasti-cloth material
  • Pennant size measures 9" x 12" with 6 pennant triangles per pole
  • Metallic fringe panels are 11" wide with color changes every 9 inches
  • Each PACK ships with 6 poles + 6 pennants or fringe panels per pack 

Choose 6 pack of fluorescent pennants, 6 pack of multi-color pennants, or 6 pack of metallic fringe

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