Car Dealership Pennants


SKU: P-25-MC

Car dealership pennants are a very affordable method of promoting and advertising your special events and sale days, but also work great as everyday eye-catchers for potential customers driving past. 

These pennant strings are made from 4-mil polyethylene and have the triangle shapes that measure 12 inch by 18 inch size.  These specific car lot pennants are available in 25, 50 and 100 foot long strings.  Choose your own colors!  

  • 12 pennants on 25' long string
  • 24 pennants on 50' string
  • 48 pennants on 100' string

CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLORS.....using any combination of colors from red, white, blue, orange, yellow green, pink, black or purple....or just tell us "Multi" for a some type of general combination of some of the colors.

Please place your Custom Pennant Colors in the Notes Box located on the Shopping Cart page, or email us at:

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