Car Window Flags - American


SKU: 4780-1-(DZN)

Car window flags for sale at US Auto Supplies, are great for use in advertising and promoting specific vehicles, sales events or holiday specials.  These specific car window flags are the American U.S. flag version but numerous other styles, shapes and colors are available with different slogan messages to best fit your dealership sales event.  Car window flags are also great for use on vehicles that no longer have antennas or if you are concerned about damaging any antennas.  This item is packed and sold in 1 dozen allotment but numerous other car dealer window flags are available individually

Sewn on a white sleeve, then attached to a 17" tall plastic pole. 

  • Flag size is approx. 11" tall x 13" wide
  • Made from a durable heavy duty cloth to withstand the elements
  • Flags are sold in one dozen packs

All car window clip-on style flags are best used in stationary environments

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