Dealership License Plate Inserts 1-Color-35mil


SKU: 1C-PI-35mil-125

Dealership license plate inserts with 30 mil of thickness are ideal for all weather climates and are the recommended product for both extreme heat or long term freezing temperatures.  This specific polyethylene license plate insert is the 1-color 35 mil thickness.  Polyethylene is a better material than both polystyrene and standard plastic due to its ability to be more pliable in various weather conditions that tend to lead to fissure cracking in those other materials:

High Impact Resistant - High Crack Resistant - High Heat Resistant 

  • 125 Inserts:     $2.20 each (1 color)
  • 250 Inserts:     $1.64 each (1 color)
  • 500 Inserts:     $1.28 each (1 color)
  • 1000 Inserts:   $0.99 cents each (1 color) 

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NOTE:  as is the case with all custom products from US Auto Supplies, you will receive an emailed proof to look over before any production is begun.

Approx. production time is 12-15 business days.

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