Giant Car Bows - Velvet


SKU: 5630

Giant car bows that are made from a red velvet material are perfect for any holiday or special occasion.  These large gift bows make a great statement with a 43 inch diameter size and add a really nice touch to birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

  • 43" diameter red velvet bow
  • Generally classified as the largest bow on the market
  • Comes with padded magnet to help secure to vehicle
  • Magnet is designed help not to scratch vehicle surfaces
  • Bow is compressed for shipping but then easily arranges to a nice full bow
  • Packaged 1 per box

NOTE:  These big car bows are meant for display purposes as the magnets are not strong enough for actual road driving speeds.

NOTE:  Due to the "special event" nature that these bows are used for, they are not returnable after the date they are delivered.

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