Holiday Bows



Holiday bows help make a fantastic finishing touch statement to your special events. These large gift bows are 30 inch in diameter and have the message of Happy Holidays right on the bow. NOTE: If you are looking for a special Happy Birthday celebration bow then those are available in four colors also, with the words Happy Birthday printed in white.  These giant car bows are perfect for vehicle hoods, boats, parade floats and any other special holidays type celebration day.  Car bows attach with either a suction cup or magnet to best fit your need. 

These 30 inch size bows are also available blank and come in 13 colors including orange, purple and black and 10 additional colors: Large Vinyl 30 Inch Car and Gift Bows

  • Dimensions: 30" wide with two 30" long x 4.5" wide tails
  • Secures with non-scratch magnet or suction cup under the bow
  • Designed to be used either indoor or outdoors
  • Made of high quality weather resistant/waterproof vinyl
  • Heavy-Duty Magnetic base with scratch-resistant finish

Available in RED or GREEN or BLUE with Happy Holidays in white and in RED/GREEN combo with Happy Holidays in white.

Holiday Time Note:

*Orders Placed After 12/14 May Not Be Received in Time for Christmas, Please Call 888.627.8529 to Verify Delivery Date*

NOTE:  Due to the "special event" nature that these bows are used for, they are not returnable after the date they are delivered.

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