Inventory Cards


SKU: 797

Inventory cards are available in several different formats to help best mesh with how your dealership operation functions.  Vehicle inventory records help your sales and office staff properly track the vehicles that are on your car lot for sale.  This specific vehicle inventory form has two different formats with one for new vehicles and one for used.

New: Form DUAS-305-1
Used: Form DUAS-305-2

  • Packaged 100 per pack
  • 5-5/8” x 8 inventory card
  • 2-part patterned carbon-White, White
  • 100# Stock - both parts

Part 1 - printed in blue and red ink. Part 2 printed in blue ink.
Part 1 contains accounting information with Part 2 containing sales, 5/8” stub at bottom to assist in typewriter preparation.

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