Mechanic Seat Covers By CAATS


SKU: 1061

Mechanic seat covers by CAATS are a great way to show customers that you care by protecting their vehicle while being serviced and eliminates the need for costly cleanup.  These CAATS brand plastic auto seat covers allow mechanics and service techs to easily slide in and out of vehicle seats and keep them protected from any repair shop grease and grime.

Plastic steering wheel covers match well with the plastic seat covers and are available in different sizes to help better fit on small and larger vehicles 

  • Packaged 500 per roll 
  • CAATS 3-layer - High stength material
  • Differential slip allows cover to stick to the seat but not to technician
  • Contains special "Anti-Static" additive for easier handling and to reduce static cling
  • Made from .5-mil plastic material
  • Cover size measures 38" long x 32" wide

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