Metallic Fringe Streamers


SKU: rbp-700-RD

Metallic fringe streamers work great for creating eye-catching visuals as customers drive by your car lot.  These metallic pennants streamers are an extremely colorful way to advertise and promote the many car lot sales and special events at you have throughout the year.  These specific car lot metallic streamers have 18 inch long sections of each streamer color with 18 sections of colors for each 30 foot length string but metallic streamers are also available in 60 foot lengths and 100 foot lengths. All car lot metallic streamers are available with numerous color options to choose from or if your prefer, custom metallic streamer strings can be created by selecting the specific colors you want from the many different color choices shown.

NOTE:  Occasional supply chain raw material issues can sometimes cause orders to take 7-8 biz days to produce (normal is 2-3).  Please be advised that refunds are not given for event deadlines not being met.

This specific item is the 30ft Metallic Streamer sections (approx 26ft of streamer + 4-5 ft on each end of tie-rope)

Click links below for 60ft and 100ft options:
60ft Metallic Streamer
100ft Metallic Streamer

  • 18" long color sections (approx. 14 panels of color)
  • Streamers are 3/4" x 12" Long
  • 18 Color Panels Sewn onto a 30ft Nylon Rope
  • Several Color Combinations Available
  • Packaged 1 per order

Drop down menu has several color combos but please place any custom color combos in Notes Box at checkout or email us at:

Colors to choose from:  Red, Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Black, Orange, Turquoise, Magenta(pink-ish)

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