Reusable Balloons For Car Dealerships


SKU: 5895-RBAL

Reusable balloons for car dealerships are great for using all throughout the year for the various sales and special events.  These reusable balloons are made from a heavy duty reinforced vinyl-plastic material that holds up much better in outdoor environments than standard latex balloons. These reusable balloons can be filled with both air or helium and with the holder/pole kit will easily clip to car windows.

  • Holder made of Fiberglass & Reinforced Plastic
  • Pole specially designed to not break
  • 20" Diameter Reusable Vinyl-Plastic Balloon 
  • Clip on Car Window - 30" Tall
  • Kits Include Balloon, Pole, Adapter Clip and 2-Piece Holder

NOTE:  Please place the balloon color/message you want in the Notes Box on the Shopping Cart page.

NOTE:  Due to the "special event" nature that balloons are used for, they are not returnable after the date they are delivered.

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