Reusable Vinyl Balloons - Ground Pole Kits


SKU: 5898-31-03

Reusable vinyl balloons can be used in a variety of methods with this specific item being the  ground pole kits.  These reusable balloon ground pole kits let you place the poles and balloons where you best want them to be with the standard design for use on landscaped or grassy areas but if used with the the water/sand base unit can also be placed on concrete or asphalt surfaces.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  These new reusable balloons require a "Balloon Inflator Device".  US Auto Supplies does offer a device that works well but other balloon inflators can work as long as they have the same type of inflator tip

Kit includes:

  • One 46-1/2" tall high density plastic pole 
  • One 32" tall reinforced plastic balloon stem 
  • One Balloon adapter cup
  • One 24" tall steel ground spike w/ unique spike plate 
  • Alternate Base Option:  Weighted Base unit (+38.60)
  • Balloons made from plastic polymer that is weatherproof and seamless

Please state the balloon color or style in the Notes Box on the Shopping Cart page.

NOTE:  Due to the "special event" nature that balloons are used for, they are not returnable after the date they are delivered.

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