Sales Incentive Games - Creative Cash


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Sales incentive games like this Creative Cash board create a fun type of competition for either your sales teams or service departments for up-sell and fun type prizes and rewards.

  • 17" x 10 3/4" 
  • Packaged 1 board - 3 and 5 packs for $$ Savings

Creative is the key word. This is a good board for both service and sales. The service department can use lower values and sales can use higher values since they are selling bigger tickets. In some cases, the values can be changed every day according to the sales needs for the period.

  • Under each pull-off there is a letter. Either a "C", "A", "S", or "H". 
  • The department manager determines the values of these, either for the whole board or daily. 
  • There are 36 C's, 9 A's, 4 S's and 1 H. 
  • The values of each letter should increase as the odds get smaller, i.e. $2, $5, $10 & $25, $50, $75 & $100, whatever the manager decides. 
  • The department manager determines the jackpot value and the jackpot pull-off will have a number of 1 to 50 like the Snooper Booster. 
  • Since the letter is printed on the yellow paper tab, it is suggested that when a pull is made, the letter and dollar amount paid is written on the board for record purposes and to see what letters have been pulled.

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