Static Cling Printer


SKU: 740

Static cling printer system under the Godex brand name, creates an updated oil change sticker print option for your service repair operation. The Godex brand service reminder stickers printer works for rolls of either static cling or light adhesive labels, and the produces a quality print result, that is easy to read for your customers.   This oil change reminder printer uses a printer ribbon to imprint the text information onto each label and works with most any USB keyboard.

NOTE: At time of order, your printer machine can be pre-programmed with your business name, address and phone #, for use with generic labels OR you can custom design labels with color logo, business name & phone #. 

  • Stand alone printer unit that works with most all USB based keyboards
  • System includes printer, programming, 1 print ribbon, 1 roll of generic stickers
  • System can use both static cling label rolls and light adhesive label rolls
  • Printer Size 7" H x 9.75" L x 5.25"W 
  • USB keyboard options include standard 78-keys board or the rollable waterproof 103-keys board

Additional label rolls are ordered separately

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