Vehicle Deal Jackets


SKU: 511-100

Vehicle deal jackets, also referred to as dealer record envelopes, are a vital part of every car dealer sales operation as the pre-printed information on the deal jackets create consistency among the sales staff for each car that is sold.  This specific dealer record envelope is the long running industry standard DSA-546 version.  High quality and pre-printed, these 32# deal jackets have thumb notch identification for easy opening. For dealers that might need to include higher amounts of paperwork, US Auto Supplies also carries the heavy duty deal jacket envelope version that uses the same imprinted information.  Many dealerships find the standard pre-printed information on these vehicle deal jackets enough, but if your car dealership needs to have a more detailed information layout, then either the standard color-top car deal envelopes might work better or possibly even a custom deal jacket envelope.
Choose from 12 different colors to help best organize the sales for cars, trucks, used cars, calendar years, etc. 

  • Packaged 100 per pack - Buy 500 box for additional savings
  • This version has a size of 9" tall x 12" wide
  • Open across the top 12" side
  • Made from quality 32# kraft paper stock
  • All pre-printed information is in black ink
  • Available for purchase in 12 different color options

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