Versa Tags Key Tags


SKU: 411

Versa Tags key tags are the original laminated style of car dealer key tags. You can write on these with any pen or marker, then fold over the laminated section to create the full protection.  These auto dealer key tags are super strong and very durable.  When matched with the Kleer-Bak stock stickers the two items together create an organized system for helping sales staff and customers locate the cars and trucks on the lot for sale.

For customers looking for a pre-numbered match of automotive key tags and stock stickers, we offer the laminated key tags and stock sticker combo called Consecu-tags.

Automotive dealer versa key tags are available in many colors and there is even a mixed color box of these Versa key tags that is now available with 50 each of yellow, white, red, blue and green ($29.70/box of 250). 

  • Tag size is 1-1/4 inches x 3 inches, when folded for use
  • Each tag contain fields for the vehicle's year, make, model, body, color, stock # and whether it has a new or used status
  • Tags are available in 9 color options
  • Packaged 250 per box and includes 250 steel rings 

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