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Auto Service Reminder Stickers

Auto service reminder stickers, sometimes referred to as oil change decals and car service stickers, provide a great way to make sure your customers are always aware of the date or miles that they are schedule to return for routine service.  Service reminder labels and oil change stickers are available on either rolls of 500 each or budget based boxes of 1000.  There are generic versions or you can have them custom imprinted with your logo and business information.  Oil change stickers combine with multi point inspection forms, work orders and flag sheets in helping to give your repair shop mechanics the daily tools they need to complete their tasks.

NOTE:  The rolls of 500 version of these oil change window stickers are capable of being set up as either write-in style or for use in our oil change sticker printer, depending on how your auto repair shop needs them to be.  The rolls can be produced in either a white or clear material and can now be set up for either traditional static cling or the newer light adhesive, which are perfect for placing into car windshields that deal with extended sub-freezing or very high heat temperatures.


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