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Car Dealership Air Fresheners and Odor Bombs

Car dealership air fresheners and odor bomb eliminators are an easy way to keep your car and truck inventory smelling fresh and appealing to potential clients.  Whether they are to be used as a car air freshener bomb items or everyday auto detailing air fresheners, both types can work well for your business.  Air freshener pads help maintain a more pleasant scent in your fleet of vehicles so when customers first sit inside the cars and trucks everything smells fresh and clean. 

US Auto Supplies offers auto dealerships, service centers, car washes and detailing companies, a wide assortment of these flavored air freshener scents in packs of 60 pads each that store in resealable bags.  Special air freshener bomb items are also carried and do a really nice job when a vehicle might have a stronger odor or smell that needs to be eliminated.  The goal for both types of products is to assist your used car department in maintaining or restoring that “new car smell" to the entire fleet of vehicles for sale.  Air fresheners, along with paper floor mats, combine perfectly for that finishing touch when returning the vehicle back to your customer.

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