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License Plate Envelopes
License plate envelopes for car dealers are needed every day in states where mailing of the new plates are done directly from the auto dealer and not the state. US Auto Supplies offers heavy duty versions that are made from a brown kraft paper stock and are a perfect fit for any license plate. The plate envelopes now come with two types of adhesive, with one version being the more traditional moist & seal and the other being the newer self-seal style.  Both of these "seal options" can be purchased as blank envelopes or as preprinted envelopes format already on the license plate envelope, to make it easier for addressing.  For those auto dealers that want their business logo or name and address information pre-printed in the upper left corner area, a custom printed plate envelope option is available, with the imprint in red, blue, black or greenNOTE:  as is the case with all custom products and forms from US Auto Supplies, you will receive an emailed proof to look over before any print or production is begun.

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