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Paper Floor Mats
Paper floor mats are an important daily item used everyday in auto repair shops and car dealerships to protect the carpet and floor areas of both customer vehicles and the numerous cars and trucks on the lot for sale.  US Auto Supplies different paper floor mat materials that are printed in various colors with different stock messages.  From standard heavy duty paper to high strength waffle paper, automotive paper floor mats are great way to protect car floors from dirt and moisture during service repairs, and new car detailing, letting your customers know you care about their car.  Custom paper floor mats are also available in three different paper materials.  For repair shops needing a protective mat for longer term vehicle service, the adhesive style plastic floor mats provide a great option for mechanics climbing in and out of customer cars over multiple days.  Car paper floor mats combine perfectly with air fresheners for the finishing touch when presenting the vehicle back to the customer.

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