Addendum Stickers


SKU: 8256

Addendum stickers reflect additional features added to each specific vehicle. This specific dealer addendum sticker has the three strips of transfer tape that securely fastens to the inside of the vehicle drivers side window.  Addendum sticker labels are also available with the peel away edge strips for a more complete window seal, if preferred.

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VERSION - See picture #2 for how tape strips work  (edge peel away strip style is different item)

  • Packaged 100 Per Pack
  • Size of forms is 5-1/2" wide x 12-1/2" tall
  • Each form is a single part made from white stock 
  • 3 individual tape strips (top, middle, bottom) for adhering to the inside of the window
  • Available in blue, black or red ink versions

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