Dealer Addendum Stickers


SKU: 8266

Dealer addendum stickers allow your dealership to visually show customers the features, options or extended warranties that have been added to that vehicle, after the manufacturer delivery to your car lot.  Addendum stickers should coordinate directly with the manufacturer window sticker by indicating an overall grand total price for each specific vehicle, after viewing all the dealer added features.  Details for each specific addendum sticker can be produced in your laser printer then securely fastened to the inside of the window, using the  3-sided peel away self adhesive strips.

  • Packaged 100 forms in each pack
  • This item is the version that can be placed into laser printers to add your info.
  • Size of this form is 4-1/4" wide x 11" tall
  • Laser 1-part form with the self adhesive peel away strips on three sides
  • Stickers are available printed in blue, black or red ink versions

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