Buyers Guide Forms


SKU: 8252-2017

Buyers guide forms or car dealer window stickers, that are the laser version have four peel away strips around the outer edges that allow the form to be completely sealed to the inside of the drives side window, facing out.  Federal law mandates that a used car buyers guide window sticker needs to be displayed in the drivers side window that clearly outlines the warranty aspects of that specific car.  All of these buyer guide forms went through a format change in 2017 with January 2018 being the required date for these new versions.  All of the forms inside this specific item link are the new 2018 laser sheet version, with the adhesive strips around all four sides. The traditional tape-strip AS-IS buyers guide forms are a different item inside this main category of buyers guide forms.

  • Packaged 100 per pack
  • Laser Compatible.
  • Sold with Lines or without lines for "As-Is, Implied Warranty, and Spanish Version
  •  8 1/2" x 11"
  •  1 Part Self Adhesive
  •  Prints Black Ink

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