Windshield Number Stickers - Die-Cut Style


SKU: 5835-01

Windshield number stickers on your cars for sale help customers see right away the special sales and pricing being offered.  These specific windshield pricing numbers are classified as the die-cut style and have become very popular with the modern advertising style they convey.

Order Full Set of Numbers-1dz each:  0 - 9 & $ ($69.30 total)

  • Shrink wrapped in packs of 1 dozen (all same number in each pack)
  • Numbers are 6.25" tall x 4.5" wide
  • Stickers are made from a waterproof vinyl material and work in all weather conditions.
  • The lower tac adhesive sticks great but leaves little to no residue for easier removal

**Sold in Red with slight white trim or Chartreuse with slight black trim 

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