Car Lot Windshield Pricing Stickers - 5.5 Inch


SKU: 352VT-1

Car lot windshield pricing stickers come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors.  These specific vehicle windshield number stickers are the 5.5 inch size and feature a low-tack adhesive for easy windshield placement and removal.  Windshield pricing number stickers are also available in larger sizes that are 7.5" tall through 11.5" tall. Really large 16" vinyl digit decals are also offered and work great for upfront roadside type price advertising.  

  • Shrink wrapped in packs of 1 dozen
  • Sticker are 5-1/2" Tall
  • Made from a waterproof vinyl material with low tac adhesive for easy removal and windshield cleanup
  • Available as either a white decal with red #'s or a black decal with green #'s


1) Can be purchased in a full set of 20 dozen and include, 2 dozen each of numbers 2-9 & 0, 1 dozen each of # 1 and $ sign. ($49.20)
2) Can be purchased as Mix & Match 20 dozen set where you choose the specific makeup of the 20 dozen by stating the breakdown in Notes Box on the Shopping Cart page. ($49.20)

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