Car Window Paint Markers - POSCA 1/4 Inch Tip


SKU: 4745

Car window paint markers by POSCA  are available in different sizes with this specific item having an approximate 1/4 inch wide tip.  This size window paint marker is ideal for use creating the more artistic aspects of advertising on car windshields, showroom windows, plastic, metal, wood or vinyl. The wider tip windshield markers are best used for all the words and promos you want customers to read.  These POSCA  windshield markers are made with water based paint that is oder-less, non-toxic, fade resistant and waterproof once dry. 

  • Sold individually
  • Each marker has a 1/4 inch tip
  • Press marker tip for ink flow 
  • Washes off with window cleaner and a little "elbow grease"
  • Available in 5 Colors: Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, and Fluorescent Pink.

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