Solid Paint Markers


SKU: 4750-30

Solid paint markers for extreme weather work well because they are made from a waterproof solid paint product that yields a grease pen type result.  These extreme weather windshield markers have a pointed tip that can write on virtually any surface and perform really well under extreme temperatures and conditions!  Solid paint windshield markers dry in minutes and adhere so well that general snow broom and brush use will not remove the paint marker advertising at all.  Rubbing alcohol and a blade scraper will remove the paint marker when you are ready to sell the car or alter the promotion.  

  • Markers sold individually
  • Can write on almost any surface including metal, plastic, glass, rubber, wood, and concrete
  • Dries in minutes
  • 1/2" wide tip 
  • Bright colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Green, Blue, Purple along with Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow
  • NOTE: Standard colors are fade resistant but fluorescent colors do fade easier and while they work fine outdoors, the fluorescent color is at its best indoors.

Holds up under extreme conditions - Washes off with rubbing alcohol and scraper

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