Dealer Record Envelopes - Blank


SKU: 5621-100

Dealer record envelopes can be ordered as pre-printed or blank with this specific deal jacket being a blank version of the color top style.  Car deal jackets that are blank allow your sales team to write their own notes regarding each vehicle sale.  This version of dealer record envelopes have the thumb-notch identification for easy opening and are available in four color options.

  • Packaged 100 per pack - Buy a 500 box for nice savings
  • Envelope size is 9" tall x 12" wide
  • Paper stock is 32# white 
  • Envelope is open across the longer 12" top side and closed on other 3 sides 
  • These envelopes are the blank version and are available in 4 trim colors of red, blue, green or black

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