Year Stickers For Cars - Black And Chartreuse


SKU: 5855-07

Year stickers for cars in black and a bright chartreuse green color allow your customers to see right away the specific model year of the vehicles for sale. These auto angle windshield stickers conveniently fit in the upper corner area of the windshield, and are available from years 2007 - 2025.  Model year stickers provide your dealership with an inexpensive, yet highly effective sales tool to windshield advertise the model years of the cars on the lot.

  • Shrink wrapped 1 dozen of same year in each pack
  • Triangle shape size is 11" high x 11" long
  • Made from waterproof vinyl material
  • Removable adhesive makes for easier initial placement and then final removal
  • Slit on the decal back side allows for easier installation process

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