Windshield Numbers - Bubble Style


SKU: 369-1

Windshield numbers allow dealerships to advertise and promote the pricing of each vehicle for sale in a multitude of colors and sizes.  These specific fluorescent green stickers are referred to as Bubble Style and are available in a 4 inch tall size.

  • Shrink wrapped in packs of 1 dozen
  • Bubble shaped adhesive windshield numbers
  • Black number on fluorescent lime-yellow background
  • 4" Tall x 3" Wide 
  • Easy On / Easy Off - No Residue
  • Waterproof Vinyl

1) Can be purchased in a full set of 20 dozen and include, 2 dozen each of numbers 2-9 & 0, 1 dozen each of # 1 and $ sign. ($40.40)
2) Can be purchased as Mix & Match 20 dozen set where you choose the specific makeup of the 20 dozen by stating the breakdown in Notes Box on the Shopping Cart page. ($40.40)

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