7 1/2" Windshield Digits- Blue & Yellow


SKU: 5830-01

Blue w/ Yellow Numbers - Bright and attention-getting vinyl windshield numbers feature a low-tack adhesive for easy windshield placement and removal.  

  • Shrink wrapped in packs of 1 dozen(all same number in each pack)
  • Each sticker is 7-1/2" tall 
  • Removable adhesive makes for an easy on and easy off process that leaves virtually no residue
  • Stickers are made from a waterproof vinyl material

1) Can be purchased in a full set of 20 dozen and include, 2 dozen each of numbers 2-9 & 0, 1 dozen each of # 1 and $ sign. ($59.90)
2) Can be purchased as Mix & Match 20 dozen set where you choose the specific makeup of the 20 dozen by stating the breakdown in Notes Box on the Shopping Cart page. ($59.90)

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